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Garmin DC 30 Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery

Garmin DC 30 Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery
Item# garmin-dc-30-replacement-lithiumion-batte30

Product Description

The DC 30 Battery Replacement Kit includes: •One rechargeable lithium-ion battery •Two battery-cover screws •Four bottom-cover mounting screws

It is not necessary to disconnect the DC 30 from the mounting plate on the collar to replace the battery.

NOTE: Some older Garmin DC-30 batteries are labelled with the maximum voltage of 4.2 volts. Newer DC-30 batteries are marked with the average voltage of 3.7 volts. Despite the label change, these new batteries are the same and will work in all Garmin DC 30 collars.

To remove the old DC 30 lithium-ion battery: 1.Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the four top-cover screws from the top cover. 2.Separate the top cover from the bottom cover. 3.Use a small, flat-blade screwdriver to disconnect the six-pin connector from the top cover. 4.Use a small, flat-blade screwdriver to disconnect the two-pin connector from the bottom cover. 5.Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the two battery-cover screws. 6.Remove the battery cover and the battery from the bottom cover. Note the orientation of the battery in the bottom-cover housing. You will install the new battery the same way. Dispose of the old battery according to local ordinances and regulations.

To install the new DC 30 lithium ion battery: 1.Place the replacement battery in the bottom cover. Place the wired end of the battery on the same end as the Power Key on the bottom cover. 2.Attach the battery cover to the bottom cover using the two battery-cover screws. 3.Connect the replacement-battery two-pin connector to the bottom cover. 4.Connect the replacement-batter six-pin connector to the top cover by using your thumb to hold the connector against the housing. 5.Check to ensure proper operation of the replacement battery by pressing the circuit-board switch. If the red LEDs on the bottom cover do not begin flashing, check the six-pin connector for proper connection. 6.Check the charging circuit by connecting the Astro System DC 30 battery charger to an appropriate electrical source and to the battery-charging port. If the blue LED is not on, check the two-pin connector for proper connection. 7.Firmly attach the top cover to the bottom cover using the four top-cover screws to ensure water resistivity. 8.Fully charge the DC 30 battery before using it as described in the Astro 220 Owner's Manual. Charging a fully depleted DC 30 battery requires 4.5 hours.