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Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70

Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70
Item# garmin-tritronics-pro-70

Product Description

Pro 70 The Garmin PRO 70 is the latest generation of the popular Tri-Tronics Classic 70, and is the modern version of such Tri-Tronics classic collars as the original A1 70 and the Judge.

One-handed operation The PRO 70 gives you one-handed functionality so you don't have to take your eyes off your dog. The simple "one button per dog" controls are color coded to match each dog's collar, and the top-mounted dial lets you choose from 6 levels of stimulation plus tone.

Expands to 6 dogs The PRO 70 can be expanded up to 6 dogs with additional collars -- just flip the toggle switch to select dogs 1-3 or 4-6.

Beacon Lights Remote operated Beacon Lights built in to the receiver collar help you locate your dog in low light situations.

Built-in Bark Limiter The built-in BarkLimiter (activated on the receiver collar) helps keep your kennel a little quieter when you get back home.