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Garmin/Tritronics PRO 550 Replacement Remote (Handheld Only)

Item# garmintritronics-pro-550-replacement-remote-handheld-o550

Product Description

NOT compatible with previous Tri-Tronics G2/G3 or older receiver collars.

Replacement Transmitter Only. Does NOT Include Collar or Receiver. . Power supply and charger included.

The Garmin Pro 550 is an improved version of the Tri-Tronics PRO 500 G3, and is a direct descendent of the 500 Lite/LS/XLS Pro series collars which professional and serious amateur trainers have relied upon for years. This top of the line model is an extremely versatile remote training collar that is right for any breed of dog and any type of training -- from basic obedience to advanced field work.